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This week's headlines (Feb 15-19)

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Spiceblog updated: Mel B posted the following message on the Spice Girls official website: “Thank You! Massive thanks to each and everyone of you that voted for us at this years BRITs! I had a great night, and was reminiscing about when we performed back in 1997. We were running up and down banging on […]

Win a copy of Totally Fit autographed by Mel B!

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Hi, it’s Mel B here, I’m so so sooo excited about the upcoming release of my Totally Fit DVD and boy you will be, too! It’s going to help you keep that New Year’s pledge to get in shape. And if saving money is another of your resolutions, Totally Fit sure beats those expensive gym […]

Mel B’s "Totally Fit" UK tour!

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Hello all you Totally Fit subscribers, and a Happy and healthy New Year to you all! I hope that 2009 will be your healthiest year yet and that you reach all of your personal weight loss goals! Firstly I would like to say a really BIG thanks for signing up to the Totally Fit newsletter. […] Welcome message – Mel B

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Hi I’m Mel B and I’ve had a totally fantastic time putting this website together, and I can’t wait to get working out with you lot and getting you all Totally Fit! We filmed the workout DVD’s in a beautiful setting in Malibu overlooking the Ocean over 5 gorgeous days in September. It was super […]

New blog entry!

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Taken from Melanie’s official blog at Hi everyone, It certainly has been a busy, amazing couple of weeks for me. I just got back from Vietnam, where I co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant. What an incredible experience – great people, delicious food, the sea was the clearest, cleanest blue I’ve ever seen, great for […]

SPICEBLOG: Mel B talks about returning to the USA and Canada

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Alright you lot. I’ve just arrived at the venue in Boston ahead of our show tonight. We flew in on Monday and it was great to have a rest on the plane. The kids were all running up and down the aisles and singing Spice Girls songs and then “I Turn To You” which Melanie […]

SPICEBLOG: Mel B on being back in the UK

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Alright you lot! Wow, it’s been a mental few days! Sorry this is late, I’ve been living it up in Vegas – haha. We had a lot of fun in Vancouver and the US but its great to be back in England – even if it is bloody freezing! Thanks to all of you that […]

A personal message from Mel B

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From Hey! I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you Spice fans who voted for me and Maks on Dancing With The Stars. I didn’t ever think we’d make it this far! I’ve had an absolute blast and the girls coming to the show on Monday night was just […]

Alright you lot, Wow, what a busy few days I’ve had… it’s been mental but brilliant at the same time. As you know, I flew to the UK with Victoria last week so that we could hook up with the other girls to shoot the video for our new single Headlines (Friendship Never Ends). It […]