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"Always is an accomplishment for me, the concretion of a dream."

Junior, a 22 years old male from Brazil describes thus the result of a simple thought that occurred to him: create a way of interaction between Melanie B fans.
"I realised that all the others Spices had a fansite in Portuguese, or one active mailing list… Melanie B didn’t! Then I thought… Why don’t I create something?".

That’s exactly what he did! Late May 2005 he created a mailing list, called Always Melanie B.

"This name means to me: it was rumored that Melanie B’s new single would be called ‘Today’. I thought: I’m not Melanie B fan only for today, I have been for more than nine years, and intend to be fan of her work for much more time… Why don’t always? Therefore this name, Always Melanie B."

"I am satisfied with the result of mailing list. The mailing list has archived a peak of 47 messages for month (during the months of "L.A. state of mind" release) and has participants from several countries, like Brazil, U.S.A., Peru, South Africa, United Kingdom and Germany".

Despite the creation of fotolog and a orkut community, Junior ever saw the mailing list as the main promocional tool for the spreading off of Melanie B work. He never intended to create a website. Until one day he realised that mailing list reach was delimited, only who entered it would have access to the informations. Junior wanted a bigger reach…

That’s when arose the idea: create a website. He started working on it, and the result was a very simple site hosted in GeoCities, that nor officially arrived to be inaugurated: the GeoCities didn’t give the support (for media files) that Always needed.

The site moved off from GeoCities (to brazilian host and address, being officially inaugurated on 21st November 2005, in the address During November (only 9 days on-line), Always reached 878 hits…

But a new change happened: this time, Junior wanted an easier address to type and memorize… As a resultant of this, in December of the same year the website address changed to, in the same host. And now with two names: Always Melanie B or
In the same month Always become the tenth biggest Yahoo Brazil mailing list, in the category Spice Girls. And finished the year with impressive 7,202 brazilian hits (and more than 19,452 international ones – so much for a only portuguese website).

In 2006 (as resulted of the address change), the visitorship of the website had increased in 260%, and the mailing list went up two positions: now, the eight biggest in Yahoo! Brazil.

The english version of the website was finally online in 25th March 2006.

Is this the start of the best brazilian source for news and media on Melanie B? Be sure!


Obviously, I’d like to dedicate the site to Melanie B and to her solo work fans. I also dedicate it to all Spice Girls fans and to all people that is interest for Melanie B and her work.

Thank yous!
First of all, I wanna thank Melanie B, with her work brought me many happiness and lessons, gave me motivation and inspiration to create all this Always Melanie B history. I’d like to thank each visitor, each mailing list, orkut community, fotolog and picture gallery participant… Last, but not least, a big thank you to each person who comes in supporting (and divulging) us in this time of existence.

Thanks to my family and friends, who have stimulated and supported me during the process of creation of this site, to our affiliated sites, ours hosts and each fan of Melanie B and the Spice Girls, that support them until nowadays.


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