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» Year: 2008
» Type: Reality show
» Channel: TLC
» Length: One season

» Synopsis
Each week, hosts Joey Fatone and Mel B surprise an office, hold an impromptu audition – in front of their co-workers – to create a team of the five best singers, and help them prepare for their time in the spotlight. Then, it’s off to the stage for a choreographed sing-off to earn a spot in the finale and a chance to win $50,000.

» Year: 2007
» Type: Reality show/Dance competition
» Channel: ABC
» Length:One season

» Synopsis
In a Dancing with the Stars first, twelve celebrities – six men and six women – attempt to outshine one another on a fifth season of the hit series, which returned in September 2007 on ABC. This marks the largest cast assembled to date. It includes an Emmy Award-winning actress, a Vegas icon, an Indy 500 champion, a Spice Girl, a daytime soap star, a Cheetah Girl and a former resident of 90210.
Celebrities are paired with professional dancers and go head-to-head against each other. Viewers get to vote (through txtmsg, calling in, or online) for their favorite celebrity performer. Each week the celebrity with the lowest score will be eliminated from the competition
Melanie and Maks made it through all 10 weeks and were one of two couples standing on the serie’s finale. Melanie took second place with a final score of 85 out of 90.
The pair reunited in May 2008 for the 100th episode celebration dancing together to a live performance by country superstars Rascal Flatts.

» Year: 2004
» Type: TV short
» Length: One episode
» Director: Christine Crokos
» Cast: Melanie Brown, Alex Dimitriades, Tina Kobas
» Role played: Lonnie

» Synopsis
"Love Thy Neighbor" is a fun-packed short with a lot of energy and charm that takes us through Hollywood as seen through the eyes of two very desperate, tough chicks. Their friendship gets destroyed by a Hollywood executive and their own desperation for fame and fortune, but it is eventually patched by the lesson they learn through their struggles.

» Year: 2003
» Type: Soap/Drama
» Channel: BBC
» Length: One season
» Cast: William Ash, Melanie Brown, Chris Coghill, Lisa Faulkner, Kieran O’Brien, Marsha Thomason
» Role played: Claire

» Synopsis
Set in Manchester, Burn It rips into the lives of three men who think that they are still boys – with no wives, no babies and no responsibilities to worry them. Carl, Jon and Andy have been best mates forever with Carl leading the pack as the true womaniser in the "It’s not you, it’s me"-style of ending relationships.
Carl’s flatmate Jon is coming to terms with losing contact with the daughter he had when he was a teenager with his childhood sweetheart, Tina. Andy lives with girlfriend Emma who wonders if their relationship will ever advance if Andy remains uninterested in improving himself. Emma turns to best mate Claire and the three lads turn to each other as real life – and turning 30 – starts to get in the way.

» Year: 2002
» Type: Documentary
» Channel: BBC
» Length: One episode

» Synopsis
Mel B takes the journey of a lifetime when she heads off to investigate the traditional religions of West Africa. Her destination is Benin, the cradle of Voodoo. This is a deeply personal journey for Mel as a clairvoyant has told her that her spirit guide is a voodoo priest and it gives her the opportunity to explore her father’s family heritage. The trip becomes an emotional roller coaster as Mel encounters voodoo priests, zombies, animal sacrifices and the chance to discover the fate of her father’s ancestors.

» Year: 2001
» Type:Reality/Talent show
» Channel: BBC
» Length: One season

» Synopsis
Hosted by Mel B, a TV show with live singing, a live band and a live audience of millions. Giving people who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity the chance to perform in front of a huge national audience and win thousands of pounds. Each week hundreds of people auditioned by phone. If they were chosen, they went through to the last fifty, who auditioned in Manchester.The judges chose the final six to appear on the Saturday show, where the winner was decided by a viewer’s choice.

» Year: 2000
» Type: TV short
» Channel: BBC
» Length: One episode
» Director: Bruce Goodison
» Role played: Kate

» Synopsis
Rites of passage story, a sensitive young teenager of mixed race growing up on a rough inner city estate in the north of England. His single mother who works at a Fish Quay gutting and packing fish is losing touch with him.

» Year: 1999
» Type: Music
» Channel: BBC2
» Length: Six episodes
» Director: Angela Ferreira

» Synopsis
Melanie B plays host to this new music series introducing the best sounds in R’n’ B, hip hop, soul and jungle music with live performances, the latest videos and interviews with Usher, Mr Vegas and Method Man.