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England, 2006, 81 min
THRILLER – Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

» Director: Antara Bhardwaj
» Cast: Melanie Brown, Jason Flemyng, Kelly Stables, Jenna Harrison
» Role played: Maggie Thomas

» Synopsis
"Vincent", invented by Faith and Eve to win back Faith’s ex-boyfriend, is the perfect ploy for jealousy… until Detective Maggie Thomas arrests Faith, "Vincent’s" body found in a nearby hotel. Faith swears "Vincent" was made up by Eve, but Detective Thomas and Faith’s father believe it’s Eve — with no existing records — who isn’t real. All evidence against her, Faith must unravel the mysterious connection between "Vincent," Eve, and herself… A connection that’s much closer — and deadlier — than she realized.

The Seat Filler - Amor Por Acaso THE SEAT FILLER
United States, 2004, 97 min
COMEDY – Magnolia Home Entertainment

» Director: Nick Castle
» Cast: Kelly Rowland, Duane Martin, Melanie Brown, DeRay Davis, Patrick Fischler, Shemar Moore
» Role played: Sandie

» Synopsis
Derrick is a struggling law student who takes a job as an awards show seat filler. One day, he is seated next to the beautiful pop superstar Jnelle, who mistakes him for an industry executive. With an instant chemistry, the two fall for each other, but he must chose between his conscience and the love of his life.

England, 2003, 98 min

» Director: Simon De Selva
» Cast: Katharine Towne, Melanie Brown, Tom Hardy, Leo Bill, Xanthe Elbrick, Tania Emery, Toby Fisher, Stephen Lord
» Others: Matthew McGuchan
» Role played: Louise

» Synopsis
In this edgy psychological thriller, a group of animal rights activists undertakes a rescue mission that goes terribly wrong, and a team member gets trapped… and then abandoned. A year later, after receiving an encoded message, the group sets off to free the imprisoned colleague. But what should be a simple raid turns into a series of nightmarish incidents… with team members disappearing one by one.

England, 1997, 93 min,

» Director: Bob Spiers
» Cast: Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Kevin Allen, Devon Anderson, Richard Briers, Alan Cumming, Jason Flemyng, Neil Fox
» Role played: Mel B/Scary Spice

» Synopsis
Welcome aboard the Spicebus for a rollercoaster ride around London with The Spice Girls in their debut movie Spiceworld.

The Girls’ first live concert at the Royal Albert Hall is in just five days’ time. With trusty bus driver Dennis at the wheel, they hurtle from guest appearances to parties, photoshoots and even dance camp! But when evil tabloid editor Kevin McMaxford steps up his campaign against them, their best friend goes into labour and their manager collapses in hysterics, the girls must draw on all their Girl Power to make it to the show on time…

Packed with hair-raising adventures, serious fashion and the hit songs Wannabe, Spice Up Your Life and Too Much, Spiceworld reveals the kaleidoscopic world of the five girls who took the pop world by storm…