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Catch a Fire CATCH A FIRE
by Melanie B

Language: English
Format: Hardcover – 348 pages, paperback – 416 pages.
Release date: Released as hardcover in September 02nd, 2002. Later on re-released as paperback in October 01st, 2003.
UK Books Charts peak: #7
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

Catch a Fire (Capa dura)In this extraordinary autobiography of "Scary" Spice, Melanie Brown, she covers it all: the council estate childhood, the formation of the Spice Girls, the early months of being groomed for stardom, the subsequent global domination, Geri’s departure, the marriage – and acrimonious divorce – to Jimmy Gulzar, the birth of Phoenix Chi, the solo career and the leap into TV presenting. Not bad for the rebellious, mixed-up girl from Leeds who is still only in her mid-twenties. Born to a working-class mixed-race family, Melanie B grew up feeling different from her schoolfriends. Her hyperactive energy was channelled into drama school, and in 1994 the Spice Girls were formed.
There is surely no one alive on the planet who has not heard of Melanie B, the in-your-face loudmouth who is one of the most popular members of one of the most popular bands of all time. Now, at last, she tells her own story – funny, frank and at times frightening, but never, never dull. The rest is history.

by Spice Girls

Language: English
Format: Paperback – 144 pages
Release date: July 01st, 2000
Publisher: Little Brown U.K.

Forever Spice goes behind the scenes to explore life as a Spice Girl — their passage from a band produced by Simon Fuller, through their feelings and responses to the departure of Geri Halliwell, childbirth, marriage and their personal aspirations for the future. This beautifully illustrated book contains a personal portrayal of each of their stories, exclusive interviews, and simple and elegant photography by Dean Freeman.

by Spice Girls

Language: English
Format: Hardcover – 144 pages
Release date: March 1998
Publisher: Andre Deutsch

Real Life: Real Spice-the first and only official biography of the Spice Girls-goes back to the beginning of this pop phenomena. Together with their family and friends, Emma, Geri, Victoria and the two Melanies talk about their early lives, how they got together, and how it felt when superstardom arrived. Ten chapters chart the Girls’ meteoric rise from determined wannabes to the Queens of Pop, in a book packed with family photos, glamour shots, and exclusive interviews.

by Spice Girls

Language: English
Format: Paperback – 95 pages
Release date: January 12th, 1998
Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Been wondering what we got up to behind the scenes while we were making our movie? Then this is the book for you! Packed with totally exclusive photos and inside info about what it was like to make a film, it’s the ONLY official book about SPICE WORLD: The Movie, and it’s written by us, for you.
Here’s where you see us as you’ve never seen us before–chilling in our trailers, getting ready for filming, messing around on the set, posing about in our costumes, and much more! Read on if you want to know what we thought about Richard E. Grant, the Spice Bus, the film script, our new album, Spice Force Five, and Girl Power during those mad summer months on and off the set. PLUS there’s Geri’s diary, which she wrote at the end of every day on the set (phew!) and filled with insights into all the action, day by day. So can you see why this book’s a must for SuperSpicers all over the world? ‘Nuff said.

Girl Power GIRL POWER!
by Spice Girls

Language: English
Format: Paperback – 80 pages
Release date: April 1997
Publisher: Citadel Press

This is our book, the very first official Spice Girls book, written by us, telling it the way we want it told, packed with all our favourite photos. Inside there’s all you could ever want to know about growing up, having a laugh, making sense of life, making an album, shooting a video, being a star, being yourself, living large, taking on the world.
If our tunes turn you on, if our style is your style, if you really want to know what lights a Spice Girl’s fire, then this book is the real no-messing behind-the-scenes deal!