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Welcome to a new Always Melanie B

Posted in February 12, 2015. Filed under: Site Updates.     

Welcome to a brand new Always Melanie B! It’s time for a new layout, new contents… New features! VISUAL: This time I invested in a clear layout. Bringing contents center stage, our homepage is leaner without information overload. This year marks our site’s tenth anniversary, and counting 19 years (!!) of Scary Spice and 17 […]

New feature: translating!

Posted in July 30, 2011. Filed under: Site Updates.     

Very good news for you, if you aren’t an English speaker! Now you can read all of our Mel B news in your own language, thanks to our new Translator. Just choose your country’s flag on our “welcome” box, if you’re on the index. Search for the flags in the sidebar if you’re on posts […]

Happy birthday Mel B!!

Posted in May 29, 2011. Filed under: Mel BSite Updates.     

A video is worth a thousand words. We wish all the best to Mel B on her 36th birthday, and we hope she likes our gift! We love you Mel! Thanks for all fans who joined us in this, specially Riccardo from Spice Girls Forever Italy who edited the video! Spice Girls Forever Italy | […]

New (temporary) layout at Always Melanie B

Posted in April 24, 2011. Filed under: Site Updates.     

It was time to change these promotional photos from “Mel B: It’s a Scary World”, since the show’s first season is over. And since there was a long time that we had a dark layout, I thought it was the perfect opportunity. As this post title, it’s a temporary version. The next layout will be […]

Merry Christmas!

Posted in December 24, 2010. Filed under: Site Updates.     

But I wish it could be Christmas everyday!! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Always Melanie B: 5 years on line!

Posted in November 21, 2010. Filed under: Site Updates.     

Half a decade! Seriously, when I created the site I never thought it’d get to this time of existence! I think everyone knows (who don’t know, go to Online > Always section and read everything) that create the website was the last idea in the Always Melanie B: before I came with mailing list, orkut, […]

Our affiliate site Zigazig-Ha! has a partnership with Mel B, and together they are promoting a competition! Easy! All you have to do is watch the weekly episode of “Mel B: It’s a Scary World,” and answer the question below: In your opinion, what was Melanie’s and Stephen’s funniest moment or quote of this week’s […]

New Always Melanie B layout

Posted in October 2, 2010. Filed under: Site Updates.     

I mean, almost a new layout because, after all, is not a diferent layout. A slight color and pictures change, to promote It’s a Scary World. I really love it, clear colors make it easier to read. And talking ’bout content, slowly I’m going to arrange some site sections. I want to revive Audio section, […]

Watch “It’s a Scary World”

Posted in September 3, 2010. Filed under: Mel BSite Updates. Tags: .     

Online on YouTube is available the first/full episode of “Mel B: It’s a Scary World”. Click the links below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 And, after talking with her on Twitter, I timidly appear in the first episode!!! Watch “Part 1”, about her official website and fan questions (6:39), or see this […]

Mel B’s new song/Blog Day

Posted in August 31, 2010. Filed under: Mel BMusicSite Updates.     

After a few days off, I’m back! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] My life is crazy crazy You got it… So many ways yeah ways yeah But I love it so But I love it so This is an excerpt of Mel B’s new song! Just to release her reality show. Few news […]