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Melanie B update!

Posted in July 3, 2006. Filed under: Mel B.     

Massive thanks to Joel @ DenDen Forums for share all these infos and video with us… Okay, sorry to keep you all in suspence, but I had to wait to do this… I spent a day with Melanie last week, it was really cool. Anyway, we talked about her new projects, which I knew you […]

Melanie chats with Diane Warren and Perez Hilton

Posted in June 18, 2006. Filed under: Mel BSpice Girls.     

Taken straight from Special thanks to scarylove @ DenDen to share this with us. “We were just having our tea with our friend Diane Warren at The Office, as usual, when this girl came up and started chatting with Diane. She sat down with us and after about a minute and absorbing her British […]

Happy birthday Melanie!

Posted in May 29, 2006. Filed under: Mel B.     

Today is Melanie B’s 31s birthday! Let’s wish happinesses to her; and more joy, success. This is Always Melanie B best wishes! Finally, “Today” remix is now available to download in multimedia section, as well as four tracks of her lastest album, “L.A state of mind”. Multimedia poll was locked up. First of all, I […]

Mel B as Roxie Hart?

Posted in April 15, 2006. Filed under: Mel B.     

The former Scary Spice attempted a solo comeback last year and is now turning her attentions to the stage. She sees herself high-kicking as Roxie in the hit musical Chicago. She told me: “People forget that I trained as a dancer and singer prior to being in the Spice Girls and it’s something I want […]