Spice Girls Reunion: Mel B Dishes Out On Performing Again With Ginger, Sporty, Baby And Posh

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Many Spice Girls fans are hoping that their planned reunion in celebration of their 20 th anniversary next year would push through.

And now, Melanie Brown (Mel B) has spoken about the possibility of once again performing on stage with Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie Chisholm (Mel C).

In a recent interview, Scary Spice admitted that there are negotiations for a planned Spice Girls reunion.

“Nothing has been announced, nothing’s official,” Mel B reportedly told Meredith Vieira Show, as quoted by Mirror. “Yes, we are in talks, because it is our 20th anniversary, and I want something to happen – it better.”
“I’m working them a little bit – I’ve been saying it for five years. ‘We are reuniting, aren’t we? We are? We are? We need to!’” Scary Spice added.

It has been previously reported that Victoria Beckham hasn’t committed yet to the plan of having a Spice Girls reunion.

However, Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Baby has purportedly been trying to convince Posh to perform with them once again.

“Mel is not planning on taking no for an answer from Victoria anymore,” a source close to Mel C reportedly told Dish Nation .

“For years she has publicly and privately laughed off the notion of a comeback especially after the Olympics. But now Mel has told the other girls that this is a ‘one more show and done’ type deal.

“But both of the Mels feel they can change her mind… It would easily generate $30 million. Other offers on the table include a Las Vegas residency and a short UK and European tour,” the source added.

The group is yet to issue an official statement about the alleged plans for a reunion and some speculate that they could still be finalizing the terms and conditions of the project.

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