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Our affiliate site Zigazig-Ha! has a partnership with Mel B, and together they are promoting a competition!

Easy! All you have to do is watch the weekly episode of “Mel B: It’s a Scary World,” and answer the question below:

In your opinion, what was Melanie’s and Stephen’s funniest moment or quote of this week’s episode and what would you say and/or do if you were in their shoes?

The three most creative and fun answers will win prizes. This week, three lucky fans will be rewarded with copies of “Get Fit With Mel B” game.

Entries can be sent by Wednesday. Results every Saturday!

More details at www.zigazig-ha.com/melb

And speaking about our site, new layout claims for new content! As promised, today debuts our new multimedia section: a blog!

Multimedia Blog will provide links to download multimedia files that are NOT hosted on our servers. Audio, video, whatever … A multimedia links collection, updated frequently.

Recalling that I only post those links. We have no responsibility for the content hosted. Obviously I won’t post anything that may cause damage to visitors, such as viruses and things like this… Just saying that I’m not the owner of these files, nor did the uploads. The credits will be in every post.

And there is available the first link. On the menu, go to Multimedia >> Multimedia Blog


[Download] Melanie B @ Loose Women - 06/10/2010
[Download] Mel B: It's a Scary World (episode 5)