Mel B speaks to Pop Eater on Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga

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From her Spice Girl roots to being named runner-up on season five of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ Melanie “Mel B.” Brown is a perfect fit as host of Oxygen’s ‘Dance Your Ass Off.’

A hybrid of dance-off and weight-loss reality shows, ‘Dance Your Ass Off’ had Mel B.’s interest long before she ever was asked to host.

“I watched it last season and I fell in love with it!” she tells PopEater. “I mainly watched it because I thought, ‘What kind of show names their show, ‘Dance Your Ass Off’?’ I was like, ‘What is this all about?!'”

Mel B. sat down to tell us her secret to staying in shape, how she feels about Justin Bieber and surprisingly, what celeb she’d like to kiss! Read our exclusive Q&A after the jump!

Of all the television shows you could be hosting, why ‘Dance Your Ass Off’?
My family and my kids loved it. When the opportunity came around, I was like ‘Why not? Of course I’ll do it!’ I also get to kind of rewrite my own script and put my own personality in it, so it’s not a boring, straight-up host job.

If you could have a dance off with any celebrity, who would it be?
Wow! That’s a tough question.

We know you’ve got it in you!
Probably Britney Spears because I think she’s hot. I’ll tell you who else I think is hot, Rachel McAdams. I’d like to kiss her!

‘Dance Your Ass Off’ is a creative way to look at weight loss. As everyone can see, you’re in amazing shape. What’s your secret to staying so fit?
Working out and having a sexy husband!

Are you ever tempted to just step in and show the contestants how it’s done?
I did actually do a little bit of a dance routine on episode four, a bit of salsa. I had my bout of dancing, I did ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for three months, I got runner-up. On the Spice Girls tour, there was a lot of dancing on that, too. I like to mix things up, so right now I’m hosting and producing my own TV show.

You’ve got a pre-teen daughter, Phoenix … has she caught “Bieber Fever” like many girls her age?
We went to the Kids Choice Awards and I’ve never seen my 11-year-old so excited. She was thoroughly disgusted that I didn’t know who Justin Bieber was. She gave me the whole run down of who he is, his music and this that and the other. And then we actually got to hang out with him at the Kids Choice Awards event and he was super nice, so I kind of get it.

How about Lady Gaga?
I think she thinks Lady Gaga is a little bit odd. She loves her music, but she doesn’t quite understand the outrageous outfits — she doesn’t understand what message that is. But her music — yeah, and Ke$ha’s music.

What can viewers expect from your upcoming reality show?
You get to see me, my family, me in the studio, me juggling business and work and motherhood and being [a] wife … it’s definitely an insight to the craziness of my life. That actually airs on September 6 [on Style network], so I’m right in the middle of shooting that.

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