5 reasons to love Mel B + Get Fit With Mel B: fitness videogame

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Oxygen reveals 5 reasons to love Mel B, check the picture on the left.

Black Bean working on motion-sensitive multi-format fitness title with former Spice Girl

Former Spice Girl Mel B is to star in her very own fitness game this autumn, thanks to Black Bean.

The singer will serve as a celebrity trainer for Get Fit, which with Mel B will be released for Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 this Q4. It will be compatible with PlayStation Move and the newly-renamed Kinect.

The game follows on from the publisher’s Fitness First titles and features six types of aerobic disciplines and more than 100 exercises.

“I have always been passionate about videogames and then when I grew up my preferences moved towards fitness and wellbeing”, said Mel B. “Today I can finally mix together my two big passions – it’s been like a dream”.

“I believe that the upcoming new technologies will definitely deliver more to the people as it is a complete entertainment experience where television show features, videogame mechanics and fitness come into a unique and exciting formula. It is like a new media era, and I want to be a pioneer”.

Black Bean’s strategic corporate co-ordinator Fabrizio Valiasindi added: “We were looking to the future of interaction in Family & Lifestyle products, not just as a porting of a dated experience but as a fresh new vision. Get Fit With Mel B is going into that direction, trying to redesign the feeling of interaction with a trendy approach to a user interface”.

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