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Mel B’s Totally Fitness comes out in the US on February 3rd, 2009 but is now up on and available for pre-order.

TOTALLY FIT is definitely not your average workout DVD. Mel’s approach is fun, inspirational, and motivating, presenting the secrets to her success to anyone who wants to change both their lives and bodies, including all kinds of lifestyles and fitness levels. “For anyone with jubbily bits, I’m going to tighten you up, make you laugh and enjoy your workout no matter what level of fitness you are,” says Mel B.

TOTALLY FIT breaks down Mel’s straightforward approach to staying in shape into a simple 28-day plan. The first disc contains a 60-minute fitness class split into 30-minute sessions. The first session is an aerobic workout set to pumping dance tracks that is the ideal route to burning fat, driving up heart rates and promoting overall fitness. The second session includes an up-tempo resistance workout, using everyday objects to help tone and trim the body. These are the workouts that Mel still does week in week out.

The second disc includes additional bonus routines that target problem areas and promote overall lifestyle change. The disc features four 10-minute workouts that focus on the areas all women struggle with—bums, tums, legs and arms. There’s also a “Chill Out” stretch session designed to help women relax after a stressful day or as a well-deserved, post-workout reward.

The final disc provides advice and tips on nutrition, including Mel’s own secret recipes and snacks. A helpful video tracks Mel’s eating habits during a typical day—from breakfast and snaking at the office to lunch and eating out. Throughout the day, Mel offers great hints for getting faster and longer-lasting results, not for just a month, but forever.

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