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We’ve been obsessed with Mel B. for quite some time. How could you not fall in love with her as “Scary Spice” during her time with The Spice Girls? With a resume that extends beyond singing (hosting, acting, being a mom), she’s a busy woman. But not too busy to miss “All My Children.”

We were psyched, and surprised, to find out Mel was an “AMC” fan. But if you think about it, “AMC” being Mel’s “something” makes sense. How? Why don’t we list them for you. We love lists:

1) She was on “Dancing with the Stars” with Cameron Mathison, a.k.a. Ryan Lavery on “AMC.” Friends support friends. Especially when said friends act on a TV show with lots of good drama.

2) Mel’s quite the fashionista. I mean, we can’t really recall seeing her not put together. So we’re not really surprised she’s all about “AMC.” The women on that show are always in outfits that we’ve just seen on the runway. And they wear it with flair. We kind of hate them for it (so we’re jealous, sue us). But seriously, “what are they wearing?” is totally reason to watch.

Speaking of style, did you know that denim shorts are back? For real. Sorry, we had to share. Mel and “AMC” get us all revved up about style.

3) Mel spent many a night on the road with the Spice Girls. So she’s no stranger to best girlfriend bonding. And fighting. And bonding. And laughing. And fighting. And gossiping. Which is exactly what goes on at Fusion, the women-run cosmetics company at “AMC’s” center. There were 5 Spice Girls and there are 5 Fusion women. Get the connection?

We know it’s the frenemy dynamic of Fusion’s Kendall and Greenlee that Mel really enjoys. Serena and Blair on “Gossip Girl” have nothing on these two. It’s a fascinating relationship, but the connection between Kendall and Greenlee is kinda true. We all have that “love ’em one minute, wanna strangle them the next” girlfriend. Hmmm…wonder if its that way between Mel and any of the Spice Girls? BTW, we love Posh. We’re kind of obsessed with her life.

4) Like many of the women on the show, Mel’s a working mom. Like them, she manages to somehow balance it out with relationships, friends and some personal style. Again with the clothes! Sorry, it’s a big part of “AMC”.

5) Another reason Mel likes “AMC”? Well, she’s got eyes. She sees what the men on the show look like. Ummm … how could she not watch?

6) Drama! “The Hills” seem tame compared to Pine Valley, “AMC’s” setting.

You can see Mel talking about her “AMC” love in the videos here and here.

So really, we’re NOT surprised Mel watches the show. She’s not alone though. Check out these other celebs that watch ABC Daytime and SOAPnet shows:
Jamie Anderson, professional snowboarder.
Mike Metzger, THE godfather of freestyle motocross racing.
Vincent Pastore, actor (You know, Big Pussy on “The Sopranos”!).
Kristi Leskinen, champion skier
Billy Currington, country singer
Randolph Duke, celebrity style maker/fashion designer.
Jason Gray-Stanford, actor
Elizabeth Berkley, actress

Want more info on “All My Children”?
“All My Children” Soap Opera History
Since 1970, the “All My Children” soap opera (AMC) has entertained audiences and brought thrilling drama to daytime television. It has retained its timeslot longer than any other daytime soap. An 2007. AMC reached the landmark of having broadcast for 30 years straight. When Agnes Nixon created AMC, her goal was to bring a soap to the air that was capable of addressing topical social issues. AMC made history for discussing the Vietnam War, homosexuality, abortion, and AIDS. Even Erica Kane, AMC’s diva-in-residence, at one time suffered from drug addiction and sought treatment at the Betty Ford Center. Along with its handling of social issues, AMC has also always been known for its particular sense of humor and an intelligent brand of satire.

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