Telling Lies

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Writer: Carl Austin and Mike Cramer
Director: Antara Bhardwaj
Cast: Melanie Brown, Jason Flemyng, Kelly Stables, Jenna Harrison
Character: Maggie Thomas
Length: 1h21
Studio: Motion Pictures Partners International and Metro Film Corporation

“Vincent”, invented by Faith and Eve to win back Faith’s ex-boyfriend, is the perfect ploy for jealousy… Until Detective Maggie Thomas arrests Faith, “Vincent’s” body found in a nearby hotel.

Faith swears “Vincent” was made up by Eve, but Detective Thomas and Faith’s father believe it’s Eve — with no existing records — who isn’t real.

All evidence against her, Faith must unravel the mysterious connection between “Vincent,” Eve, and herself… A connection that’s much closer — and deadlier — than she realized.

01. No Smoking
02. Love
03. Eve Forrester
04. Detention
05. Red Hand-Bagged
06. Little White Lie
07. Hello Vincent
08. A Love Letter
09. The Pieces Fit
10. Simple Is Best
11. My Money Is On Eve
12. Tell The Truth
13. Samantha O’Connell
14. Drowning Faith
15. How Appropriate


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