A personal message from Mel B

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From Hey! I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you Spice fans who voted for me and Maks on Dancing With The Stars. I didn’t ever think we’d make it this far! I’ve had an absolute blast and the girls coming to the show on Monday night was just […]

Hi there, So it’s 10.30pm and I got home half an hour ago. We just did a run through of the show; it’s feeling really good. It’s hard to tell u without giving too much away… but Simon Fuller, our manager, came down and he was blown away. I think we might surprise a few […]

Cause the fever’s gonna get you!

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If you don’t recognized, this post title is one of “Voodoo” lines, new Spice Girls’ song that now is available to hear online in our jukebox – lyrics are up under career >> albums. “Headlines” video debuted two days ago in british tv, follow the link (taken from the Spice Girls’ official YouTube channel) […]

SPICEBLOG: Melanie C on rehearsing, performing and nerves

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Whoop whoop whoop! Wassuuup?! Listen to me going all LA! You are not going to believe it, the show is going to be phenomenal! Things are getting really exciting now as we get closer to the first gig. We’ve started running the show and after this tour I reckon we’ll all be fit enough to […]

Hi everyone, I’m currently sat in our rehearsal studio and I am about to have another fitting with the Cavalli team for our costumes. The other girls will kill me if I give anything away and I don’t want to ruin any surprises… but they look amazing! Roberto and his team have done us proud. […]

SPICEBLOG: Geri writes this week from rehearsals

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Hi, how are u? So, I am sitting in the rehearsal studio on a lunch break. We’ve just finished rehearsing Who Do You Think You Are. No, I’m not going to tell you any details. You’ll just have to wait and see! It’s a lot of fun. Beau is sitting opposite me on Emma’s lap, […]

Quick updates!

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Finally back with updates, and I believe I’ve returned just in time, I would say, almost at the right time. Again, I had problems with my computer (this is leading me to believe that soon I’ll have to change my pc), but this isn’t the case now, we are down to business to what occurred […]

SPICEBLOG: Emma gears up for rehearsals in LA

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Hello from LA, we’re finally here! Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who posted messages on my official website about the photo of Beau. Sorry it took so long to introduce him but I’m sure you’ll agree he’s worth the wait. Jade and I are besotted with him. Beau […]