New version on line…

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Welcome to the new (and temporary) version of First of all, sorry for all that time off line. Well, it wasn’t my fault, server issues made me lose so many files of our website… Like our photo gallery, full albuns on line, e-mails, sub-domains, all the site… :( I’m going to upload all the […]

Does Melanie B want Spice Girls back?

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Yes, I mean, according to Danielle Brown, Mel B’s sister. More infos in news section. We have two new affiliates: brazilian forums devoted to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. As I promised, “I want you back” music video is on line… Jump to multimedia. =D

Wannabe Spice

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Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley Massive thanks to GiftFromVirgo @ DenDen Forums SCARY Mel B wants to be a Spice Girl again, according to her younger sister Danielle. After years of resisting, the 31-year-old struggling actress is ready to dust off her leopard-print catsuit. Britain’s biggest girl group were supposed to reform last July at […]

Diane Warren believes that Spice will be back…

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Diane Warren (co-writer of artists such Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Aerosmith, Tony Braxton, and others) believes in a Spice Girls reunion, after chating with Melanie Brown. More infos? Check news section. Three “I want you back” versions have been added to multimedia, including album version, soundtrack version and maw remix. All of them with Missy […]

Melanie chats with Diane Warren and Perez Hilton

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Taken straight from Special thanks to scarylove @ DenDen to share this with us. “We were just having our tea with our friend Diane Warren at The Office, as usual, when this girl came up and started chatting with Diane. She sat down with us and after about a minute and absorbing her British […]

Gallery updates

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New pictures have been added to our photo gallery, including Deluxe, Esquire, New week and Pride photoshoots. In Regards Forums, more pictures of Melanie B and her “boyfriend” spending a day in Hawai. (Thanks to bruninha) Our “top affiliate of the moment” is Posh World, a japanese fansite devoted to our Posh Spice […]