Happy birthday Melanie!

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Today is Melanie B’s 31s birthday! Let’s wish happinesses to her; and more joy, success. This is Always Melanie B best wishes! Finally, “Today” remix is now available to download in multimedia section, as well as four tracks of her lastest album, “L.A state of mind”. Multimedia poll was locked up. First of all, I […]

One year of Always Melanie B!

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Today is our mailing list first birthday! I’d like to thank each one participant of mailing list, who comes in supporting (and divulging) us in this time of existence. And I leave here an invitation, for those who don’t know our mailing list yet, take a look. Apart from this, I revised the website, […]


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Everybody know that “Today” doesn’t have a official remix, or a very know fan made remix. Didn’t have! brings to you, with exclusiveness, the “Today (ZpaniC remix)” audio. ZpaniC, from Brazil (Aracaju-SE), made this remix that you can listen in the radio below, and soon it will be avaliable to downloading. Thanks ZpaniC! “Think” […]

UK’s favourite band ALL TIME

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UK Music Week Chart (United Kingdom’s favourite artists) was finished, and the Spice Girls result was, at very least, surprising. Music fans voted at UK Music Week website, choosing their favourite artists. The Spice Girls reach a very pleasing #4, beating out competition from Oasis, Girls Aloud, Beatles and All Saints. Spice Girls was the […]

D/L two RARE tracks

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Jump to multimedia to download two Melanie B rare songs: “In da house” and “Out tonight” (the Rent commercial). We have a brand new jukebox: now, you’re listening “Think”: Melanie B sings it with Beverley Knight, Jocelyn Brown and Courtney Pine (it will be available to download soon). Two new affiliates have been added to […]